Turbo Training Classes

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Turbo training recommences on Tuesday January 2nd 2018

Venue - An Sportlann, Mc Hale Park, Castlebar


Sessions are open to all club members.
Sessions as follows:
4 evenings per week ,Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday.


Monday; 6-7pm

Tuesday; 4.30 -5.30pm, 6.30-7.30pm and 7.30-8.30pm

Wednesday ; 6.30pm double session.

Thursday: 4.30 -5.30pm, 6.30-7.30pm and 7.30-8.30pm

There is storage for bikes if you wish to leave bike and /or your own turbo there.
Cost 5 Euro per session – paid at sign on each session( double session 8 Euro). Do as many sessions as you like at 5 each.
All sessions will be pre planned and will be led by a club member
Note; the facilities are rented and the equipment purchased by the club for the members benefit. We encourage you to avail of the training but at all times to respect the GAA complex, it’s members and the equipment. All club member’s efforts are of course as volunteers.
The room can accommodate 15-16 (32+ per night) per session so there is room for us all.


What you need to do;

- Be a club member.
- Come along at any session .(5E per session paid at door)
- Bring and your bike.(you can leave there if you like). NOTE: Bike entry via side door only.
- You will need 1 litre water (at least).
- You will need a towel.
- You will need a turbo skewer (road skewers are not stable on turbos - turbo skewers cost approx 15 Euro)
- Anybody who has a Heart Rate Monitor should bring it as we will be advising on HR levels - Aldi or Lidl ones are fine.
- Also a cadence counter is of great benefit – but that can be down the line.